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The Unwelcomed – An Escape The Room Experience For VR

The Unwelcomed is an indie horror/puzzle escape the room experience which leans on its eerie atmosphere and spooky imagery to deliver its chills rather than jump scares or things jumping at you.

The game starts out with the player being presented with a letter, welcoming them to explore their uncle’s mansion which seems all nice and exciting at first but quickly turns into a horrifying experience with the player’s trying to find a way out with their sanity intact.

The Unwelcomed stands out quite well and offers a fresh VR experience in a market crowded with action, point and shoot games dropping like pancakes and makes the player focus on atmosphere and explore the game world with more focus and meaning as they try to find clues, and make sense of the environment.


Our rating: 3.5/5

The game features impressive visuals and atmosphere, which keeps things feeling interesting and immersive as the player tries to unravel the mystery and look for clues to escape the mansion.

But at the same time, lacks diversity and also leaves the player lacking for some more eye candy and visual finesse, especially for someone new to puzzle games and more interested in aesthetics and amusement offered in other action-packed titles as they can find themselves bored quite easily with
looking and interacting with the same environment while going back and forth looking for the missing clues and objectives.


Our rating: 4/5

Escape the room gameplay elements lends themselves flawlessly to the VR platform along with immaculate level design and attention to details paid by the developers, turning the simple enough objective of escaping a room into a seemingly masterfully crafted puzzle worth getting lost into with enough pieces missing to keep it interesting and not seem daunting enough to discourage the players.

Although it could have done better by trying to incorporate more environmental variations as the experience mainly concludes itself indoors inside a mansion and seem to leave a desire for more diversity lingering but still in the long run, it makes up for a worthwhile and satisfying experience with 7 rooms in total to explore and taking an average of 1 hour per room relatively. All in all, the game do succeed in leaving the player feeling rewarded and gratified once they are able to finish the game and finally FIND A WAY OUT!


Our rating: 4/5

Each creaking noise or sound of objects drifting or falling along in the room as you interact with them lends itself to bringing life into the the seemingly lifeless environment, bringing a new sense of dread and eerie to players as the haunting score continues playing in the background with hushed audible voices forcing you to look around in bafflement.

All in all, The Unwelcomed is an experience worth its $10.49 price tag, available on steam with a 30% release discount at the time of writing this review.
The Unwelcomed should be a must buy for someone who doesn’t get headaches from solving puzzles and a must try for someone looking to experience escape the room, in the comfort of their VR headset!


Written by: AnkitDhillon


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