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The Unwelcomed Review

author image by Xyphien | Strategy | 2 Comments | 01 Feb 2018

The Unwelcomed – An Escape The Room Experience For VR The Unwelcomed is an indie horror/puzzle escape the room experience which leans on its eerie atmosphere and spooky imagery to deliver its chills rather than jump scares or things jumping…

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    F@n@t!K says:
    I never even heard of this game. I can here from your Falloput review and I have to say this looks b...
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    cangooooooo says:
    I was looking up the game to buy it and came acrossed this. All the other reviews I've seen looked l...
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    Bananaking says:
    Great post man. I dissagree with a few things, but all in all it convinced me to buy the game....
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    Jake from Straightfarmers says:
    Really well made review, keep it up!...

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