Resident Evil 7 Review

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The Resident Evil

franchise has been alive and kicking for a long time. Longtime fans of the
series have watched its development with new and advanced technology over the
years and know it as a thrilling and terrifying third-person shooter horror


As a game designed to be released on the PSVR, alongside
other consoles, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard takes place from a first person perspective. At first glance, the
game appears to be a shadow of its prequel titles, with a style and visual that
may better fit games like Outlast or Amnesia.


Thankfully, despite reservations that any seasoned Resident Evil player may have faced, the
game is a respectable entry into the limited world of VR games. Without further
ado, here is our Resident Evil 7:
VR game review.




rating: 4.5


Simply put, the visuals in this game are virtually flawless.
The gritty, dank atmosphere of the story’s setting translate perfectly into the
VR world, creating an eerie and chilling environment.


While Resident Evil 7 could
easily show off all the capabilities of VR on its own, it does fall into the
trap of forcefully incorporating scares that are specifically designed to show
off the best that virtual reality can offer. Unfortunately, this sometimes
falls flat as players can plainly see through this facade and find the scenes
to be out of place. Admittedly, this may be nitpicking, but it is still
something worth noting.




rating: 3


Like most VR games, those with motion sickness issues may
become uncomfortable while playing Resident
Evil 7.
Players who are concerned about this can adjust the visual settings
to the most comfortable options for them.


Although it plays like a well-made, standard horror game,
fans of the Resident Evil franchise
may feel disappointed with what the game has to offer. This is because most of
the game involves interacting with items in the inventory and the environment
around you. This can make the game feel like a point-and-click adventure at
times, which is certainly not what most players will have signed up for. Still,
the puzzles that need solving in the game are intelligent, complex, and
interesting brain-teasers, which makes up for some of the features its other
gameplay elements lack.


Some gameplay mechanics in place for boss battles can also
come across as confusing, and with no clear explanation as to how to survive
and win each battle, it is a little too easy to get stuck at the very first
boss fight and have no clue what to do.


With that being said, no one can deny that the game is
well-made, and if you don’t mind a slight departure from usual Resident Evil fare, gameplay is
sufficiently entertaining.




rating: 5


Evil 7
sound design is impeccable. Every noise sounds as though it is happening in real
life and can cause hair-raising scares during gameplay. You won’t miss a single
thud or clack, making the game even more unnerving.


The game’s voice acting work is also excellently done. The
voices of human characters are perfectly meshed with their appearances and
personalities, while the screams of unknown horrors ahead are endlessly




Resident Evil 7: Biohazard may
not have been the seventh title that fans of the franchise were expecting, but
its stunning graphics, impressive sound quality, and frightening horror scares
prove that it deserves a spot among the better VR games to date.


Written by: catewriter7


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