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Out of Ammo is a game developed by RocketWerks and is available on PC but most prominently the PlayStation. At first glance, Out of Ammo appears to be just another battlefield FPS. Nonetheless, this shooter has more than meets the eye, bound to captivate its consumers. This release is a fast-paced virtual reality strategy game where you build your own defense, call out artillery, issue orders and take complete control over your soldiers to strive for ultimate survival.

In Out of Ammo, you play as a commander leading your soldiers in a wave-based survival game. You have control over your movement, permitting you to transport yourself around the battlefield enabling a more interactive gaming experience. The game is solely based on skill, and incredible mental sharpness is required to succeed. You need to pay attention to every small detail including ammo consumption, access to cover and the location of soldiers.


The gameplay is definitely one of the biggest selling points for Out of Ammo. The possibilities are near endless, and the vast selection of missions, environments, and units are bound to keep you entertained for hours. On top of that, the title is packed with features including free play mode, co-op, artillery, sniper targets and plenty of guns to choose from. As a commander, you need to take control over the rifleman, snipers, rocketeers, medics, and engineers to succeed. Overall, the gameplay is really enjoyable. You feel involved in the virtual world, and the captivating play style and non-stop action will keep you entertained.

Tactics are great in Out of Ammo, but best of all they are really easy to understand. Helicopters fly normally, allowing you to drop off soldiers and equipment with ease. Building structures are struggle-free, and you rarely need to move around since holding a position is the main objective of the game. The first person perspective is very straightforward. Like most FPS games, you aim, shoot and reload your guns. Throwing grenade and RPG’s all work in a trivial fashion. The controls are smooth and easy to use, allowing you to focus on the game rather than your character. This is great because it doesn’t require much effort for beginners to familiarize themselves with the gameplay. Overall, the gameplay is near perfect receiving a review of 4/5. It is simple, fun, and the variety of mechanics are entertaining as well.


The graphics in Out of Ammo are not outstanding. The title has nothing more than simple voxel-based graphics. Luckily, the game does run more smoothly than most other releases due to the low poly design. Despite the simplicity, the visual interface is still well polished, just not spectacular receiving a review of 3/5.


The audio in Out of Ammo is what you would expect. It suits the gameplay, and the explosions, gunfire, and reloading sound promote the action-packed atmosphere. The sound is crisp, clear and evenly leveled establishing a realistic environment ideal for VR receiving a review of 5/5.

Conclusively, Out of Ammo is a well-polished battlefield VR game that has captivating gameplay, simplistic graphics, and perfect sound. The games overall rating is around 4/5, making it worthwhile for gamers who enjoy strategic FPS titles.

Written by: lucaswhitaker22`


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