Humble VR Sale

Humble Bundle is doing a huge VR game sale. They’re selling 32 VR games for up to 60% off! Below are the images of the games they have available, and the current price they have it listed as being available. If you’re interested in checking out this sale click HERE



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    F@n@t!K says:
    I never even heard of this game. I can here from your Falloput review and I have to say this looks b...
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    cangooooooo says:
    I was looking up the game to buy it and came acrossed this. All the other reviews I've seen looked l...
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    Bananaking says:
    Great post man. I dissagree with a few things, but all in all it convinced me to buy the game....
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    Jake from Straightfarmers says:
    Really well made review, keep it up!...

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