Fallout 4 VR Review

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Fallout 4 VR Review

Fallout 4 may have been out since 2015, but its VR
installment was only released at the end of last year. With players clamoring
to get their hands on the game to test out their post-apocalyptic adventures in
virtual reality, it was a fast seller that quickly gained fans. While it is a
respectable and well-executed game, sometimes the game may feel like it would
have been better off left as a non-VR game. Here is our game review of Fallout
4 VR.



rating: 3.5


On the surface, the graphics of Fallout 4 VR are stunning.
The world looks believable and many features and menus appear flawlessly in a
VR headset. With its graphic software requirements being as high as they are,
it’s little surprise that the game’s visuals are a masterpiece to behold.


However, there are a couple of small areas in the game world
that appear grainy, murky, or blurry. Though Bethesda has fixed some of these
issues in recent updates, seasoned players will still notice some areas where
the graphics are less than smooth. There are also a few bugs here and there
that can break up the visuals of the game.



rating: 3


Fallout 4 VR has an incredibly large world to explore, and
it is easily one of the most expansive VR games in the market to date. The
controls are smoothly implemented, and as a game that primarily involves a lot
of shooting, gun and long-range weapon mechanics are done reasonably well. This
is especially true of the V.A.T.S function, which is equal parts fun and


Unfortunately, while it is a generally good game, it seems
to suffer from the VR transition in a few ways. Up-close melee attacks with
larger weapons can be disorienting and overwhelming. Character interactions
with NPCs can be awkward because you can easily see aspects you would miss on a
screen, like how their reactions can be lacking or come across as robotic.


Another aspect where the gameplay can be a bummer is the
Pip-Boy menu, which is very clunky to browse through. Coupled with the amount
of times you need to access the menu during the game, it can really detract
from the game experience.


You may also feel a lack of sense of presence when playing
this game because hands are not animated within it. This means that if you are
holding something, they will appear to float in midair, detracting from
immersion. When held in front of you, some items are scaled to an almost
comical level, which can also affect immersion.



rating: 4.5


Sound quality in this game is solid. Every creak, groan, and
thud can be heard with utmost accuracy, making you feel like you are very much
a part of the world around you.


The only potential issue you may have with sound is a few
bugs here and there, as are customary in a number of Bethesda games. Due to the
scale of this game, we can forgive them for this oversight.




Fallout 4 VR may not be perfectly executed, but it is a
promise that expansive VR games of this scale are possible and may be coming
from AAA game developers in the near future. The game is certainly worth a
purchase for its large world, smooth movement, and great shooting action, but
if you’re going for perfection and seamless immersion, you may feel inclined to
give it a pass and stick to the standard Fallout 4 we know and love.


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