ARK Park


Ever wondered what it would be like if Jurassic Park hadn’t
been a terrifying failure of an amusement park, and instead had become a
fun-for-all attraction where all dinosaurs were safely and easily interactable?
Essentially, that’s what ARK Park, a VR simulation and adventure game, has in
store for players. Here’s our review of this upcoming game.

ARK Park is a spinoff of open-world sandbox survival game
ARK: Survival Evolved, which was released last year. This VR installment of the
game is in development by Snail Games, which is surprisingly not one of the
teams who was involved with the creation of the original game.

The game takes place at ARK Park amusement park, opening
with holographic dinosaurs that will provide information to players about the details
of each creature. These dinosaurs will be life-sized, promising a bit of
“oomph” to the first few moments of the game that may just succeed in drawing
players in. Players will then be able to head out and visit different dinosaurs
and attractions throughout the park, which can be done through available
vehicles or on foot.

Based on the demo and screencaps available of the game now,
the graphics and visuals appear virtually stunning and immersive, with
realistic-looking environments of all varieties. Players will be able to travel
to dessert-like terrains, swampy locales, and even snowy areas as they work to
visit and capture new dinosaurs with procured items, crafted weapons, and
through puzzle mechanics. Those who have played ARK: Survival Evolved will be
able to import their dinosaur collection into ARK Park.

While the game has moments of information provision
regarding the different dinosaurs, it should be noted that as it is simply a
game, a mixture of fact and fiction are involved and not all information
provided seems to be completely accurate.

A battle mode is also set to be included in the game in a
base-defense style, where you will protect your base against furious dinos with
self-made weapons, crafted with items you have discovered during your park
adventures. This mode will include levels that must be strategically bypassed
and won in order to advance.

There is also meant to be a multiplayer option, where you
can explore the park with friends and build and grow together. It is unclear at
this point whether there will be a PvP battle mode as well, but for now, the
multiplayer exploration sounds like it would be a fun experience.

One area of concern for this game is how well the game will
run on most monitors. ARK: Survival Evolved struggled to run properly on a lot
of different computers, so the addition of VR features might drag ARK Park down
even further. As of now, we cannot know for sure whether the game will be too
bogged down to run on proper computers, and we have hope that the team behind
the game is working to ensure this will not happen. Still, it is probably a
game best designed for higher end computers.

The game is set to be released on Steam in the spring of
2018. If you’re in for a surreal and fun adventure, have a computer with
relatively high specifications, and are happy to take any education information
provided by the game with a pinch of salt, then it’s a game worth looking
forward to.



Written by: catewriter7


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